Friday, 10 July 2015

tell me a story

i just stumbled across these beautiful limited edition cushions based on original paintings by cornelia o'donovan at the shop floor project. cornelia is a london based artist whose work has a magical storytelling quality; often depicting old folkloric tales, with period characters and motifs that look like they've just stepped out of a victorian tapestry hanging in a grand old hall. what i enjoy most are the luminous colours shining out with a dreamlike quality from their dark, atmospheric backgrounds. see more of cornelia's work on her website cornelia o'donovan.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

oh my!

who knew balloons could bring so much happiness! love love love everything about this super joyful heart balloon shoot from geronimo, the self proclaimed 'balloon-troopers', whose manifesto "balloons are for the people. to delight. to inspire" just made me want to run and give a shiny happy balloon to everyone i know. sign me up as a balloon-trooper please! and wishing you all a very happy valentines.

images with gratitude to happiness is blog

Friday, 1 February 2013


some things just can't help but make you smile. for me its a pastel coloured ruffle cake. if anything says pure unadulterated joy, its one of these bad boys. happy tuesday; here's to the first bluebell of the year; thankyou for hoovering the house. make the everyday a celebration and give yourself permission to be six years old again!

handmade by rachael mcmahon at made from scratch

building blocks

the house in kitasando, an architectural gem from LEVEL architects. the juxtaposition of materials, colour and space may just be perfection.

images via what we do is secret

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


something beautiful from cy twombly

lepanto, 2001, acrylic, wax crayon and graphite on canvas


san francisco

best seen through the eyes of photographer myan soffia. her prints capture a down beat glamour and faded elegance in the la cities she loves. waves, beaches, twinkling fairgrounds at sunset, city skylines and neon bedazzled street scenes. evocative. lovely. take-me-to-san-francisco.

golden gate bridge myan soffia

rush hour myan soffia

california beach myan soffia